Journeying the Way of Love: A Four-Week Advent Experience

Have you often seen the pocket crosses, bookmarks, bumper stickers, refrigerator magnets, whatever, that say simply, “God is Love”? Of course you have. And have you often stopped to consider what that really means? Probably not. For everything scripture says as it speaks to us, what it all can be distilled down to is this: God is Love.

How easy it is for us to overlook that simple fact: God is Love. How difficult we often make our faith journeys by complicating that eternal truism: God is Love. Yet, God’s love for us, for all mankind, is meant to be shared by us, with all mankind.

As we await the coming of Christ this Advent season, beginning Sunday, December 2 during our 9 a.m. Adult Formation hour, we will offer a four-week series presented by the Episcopal Church USA called Journeying the Way of Love. We will engage the first two chapters of the Gospel of Luke as a basis for understanding how we can live the Way of Love as individuals, as families and friends, as a community and out in the world.

Participants will be encouraged to read and reflect on these passages from Luke and to “try on” the practices that encompass the Way of Love with daily suggestions offered on a special Advent calendar created for our curriculum. When we gather each Sunday at 9, we will reflect with one another on how we have experienced taking up the practices described on the calendar.

This series is structured to accommodate as many participants as there are seats in the Parish Hall, and it is a great way to share our stories – and our love – with many others in our faith community, so please consider signing up, participating and benefitting from this special Advent experience, beginning on December 2, the First Sunday in Advent.

All materials will be provided. You can learn more about Journeying the Way of Love at

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