From Deacon Tom …

April 2, 2020 

What a pleasure and an honor it has been talking with many of you this past week.

A reoccurring theme with some of our flock has been the change in the e-news as well as those who are not technically savvy trying to navigate and communicate in a world that has become, in some cases, painfully out of reach. 

The “Zoom” platform allows us to communicate in ways that allow us to all be digitally present in the same virtual room. Some of the comments I have received have been that:

I have a computer but no camera?

To use zoom you don’t have to have a camera. It just means that if you don’t have one, people can’t see you. If you are using zoom you can still (as long as you have a free account) see others who do have a camera, and have it turned on.

To get zoom go here:

Another question has been How can we watch the National Cathedral service or St. Mark’s service .

Both services are Live Streamed  Here are links:

Live Streaming The National Cathedral is available by clicking the link: They are also on Facebook on Sunday Morning at 10:00 am CDT search for “Washington National Cathedral” and a link will appear for the Live Broadcast. St. Mark’s can be reached by clicking on this link their service is at 10:30 am Sunday Morning CDT. They also broadcast on Facebook and can be found just like the National Cathedral.

If I can assist any of you with the technology know that I am a phone call away and would be happy to help.

While none of us can accurately estimate when this will end or for how long this crisis will go on know that you are all in each other’s prayers and everyone misses everyone. We are all a member of Jesus’ flock and he has not forgotten us and we are all important and precious to him (John 10).

We all look forward to the day when we can “safely” be in the same room sharing in the Eucharist. 

May the peace of the Lord, which surpasses all understanding surround us all in this time of pandemic.

Deacon Tom

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