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April 2, 2020

I’ve been talking with some of the folks in my neighborhood this past week, while we stand on our respective sidewalks across the street from each other. The inevitable question is, “So how are you filling the time.” The familiar answer is, “Reading.” 

Ah, but reading what? My neighbor’s front-yard Little Library has been going from empty to full to empty again with increased frequency. We are grateful for e-books, tablets and Kindles. And, yes, some of us have more than a few unread books shelved at home. 

But here’s what I am missing now – the Good Book Club. I miss gathering before worship to discuss the Gospels of Mark, Luke and John, and the Book of Acts. So, I was delighted this week to see in my email in-box a message proclaiming that…

The Good Book Club Is Back!

Yes, the Good Book Club returns, featuring the Gospel of Matthew, beginning on Easter Sunday, April 12 and continuing through the Day of Pentecost, May 30.

St. John’s participants will be gathering online via Zoom meetings, and we will again use a study guide from Forward Movement, this time titled A Journey with Matthew

If you receive our weekly St. John’s eNews, you will also be receiving an email from our office with details on participating in the Good Book Club during the season of Easter. Look for it. I hope you will join us! 

But, until then, and throughout Holy Week, how about…  

Palms and Psalms: A “Pop-Up” Study Group for Holy Week

As we strive for normalcy in our temporary self-containment it occurs to me that the Scripture that might be most relevant to us right now is that which touches us in every week’s Lectionary readings, but with which we haven’t truly become acquainted: the Book of Psalms

After all, when have you heard a sermon preached exclusively about the psalm for the day? Never? How do a hundred and fifty Hebrew prayers – poems and songs, really – speak to us and make us want to invoke those same feelings to God today? Here’s how this will work –

You may have heard about pop-up experiences. Without notice, a vacant storefront will become a fancy boutique, or a park will become a fairground, for a very brief time when our routine is disrupted with an opportunity to explore a new offering or experience.

We’ll combine the pop-up experience with a study group starting this Sunday, Palm Sunday, with “Embracing the Psalms During Holy Week.” We will gather in the Zoom online meeting space and meet there daily throughout Holy Week, concluding on Good Friday. We are using C.S. Lewis’s book, Reflections on the Psalms, a literary gem which I suggest you obtain as an e-book or Kindle book ( $8.49) due to the immediacy of our pop-up format.

Details will be provided in the next day or so via the Good Book Club email mentioned above. 

This is a time commitment for those who want to share a daily hour during Holy Week gathering and exploring the Psalms and their relevance to our immediate context, maybe for the first time, and probably in a new way. Will you make this commitment with me?

Have a Blessed Week!
Deacon George

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