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As I think about what to share with you this week I am reminiscent of the conservations I have had with some of you, (don’t worry I’ll get to everyone)

“We are all in this together”

“The human spirit is resilient we will endure this as we have other calamities in our lives”

“We are #1 in the country at controlling the spread of the virus. Maybe that’s because we  Minnesotans obey authority so well”

“We can do this”

“Tell everyone that I miss and love them”

Whatever phrase works for you remember that we are God’s chosen people. He sent his son Jesus Christ to save the world and not condemn it. During this Holy week which is unlike any I have ever encountered I am aware that there is a resurrection on Easter day when we proclaim that Christ has risen, and we respond that the Lord has risen indeed. I wish we could utter those words in the same physical, tangible, room together.

I don’t know about you but I miss us all together in the same physical room praising our God and creator. But I also know that we will be back there, in time. It was just announced in the Governor’s news conference that we can count on this isolation or stay at home order until May 4th. Some of you think it will last much longer. I pray for a vaccine to this as soon as possible.

So many of us are alone or lonely during this time. I would remind everyone that we have many ways of communicating, from phones, to computers, to written letters to our expressions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to each other as that is what a family does. We are a church community and family. If you attended the virtual coffee hour on zoom the past could of weeks then you know how good this feels even if it was over the computer. If I can’t see you in person this is a good substitute.  

I am still hoping to record a stations of the cross service on Zoom and if that happens I will make the link available to you. It hinges on the children of the congregation coloring the pictures Betsy and I sent out and getting them back to me before Friday.  I will still need time to produce this service but I’m still hopeful.

You can always attend live services on line either at:

St Mark’s Cathedral in Minneapolis

The National Cathedral @10:00 CDT   :

The Daily Office Mon -Fri at either 6 or 8 am CDT or Sunday at 8 am or 10 am CDT

I would like to leave you this week with a link to something Mary Swank sent to the office that was written by her Father Howard Fulweiler he is a retired teacher and poet who wrote about Palm Sunday It’s in PDF format but I will attach it here (click to read):

Until we see each other in person;  May the peace of the Lord be always with you!

Deacon Tom

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