From Deacon George …


Some of these days, I feel like I am doing fine, handling things, making the best out of a situation that is beyond my control. I read, I write, I host or participate in our church gatherings and events via Zoom meetings -lots of Zoom meetings. My garage model railroad is beginning to look like, well, a model railroad. And I can wash dirty pots and pans almost as fast as my spouse can create them. These things I can control, and I do.

Other days, I feel helpless. While I know that I am doing the right things, I dearly miss the company of my family and friends -the hugs and the spontaneous laughter and joy of simply being together. While I know that this pandemic will end, I cringe as that end creeps farther into the future. And while I know we will look back at this time and, God willing, learn from it, I fear there are those who will learn nothing from it.

Sometimes, on those “other” days, I am reminded of a little bed pillow that was gifted to us years ago that had some words on it which said, “Good morning. This is God. I will be handling all your problems today. I will not need your help. So have a good day.” The pillow is old and tattered now, and the words are faint and barely legible, but those words are bright and clear in my mind and in my heart. Those words comfort me and help me with the strength and courage I need to carry on. Maybe they will help comfort and strengthen you, too.

Have a Blessed Week, 
Deacon George 

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