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Socializing From Home & Saturday’s WMMA Gathering

In an important new video from the Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Minnesota, respected epidemiologist and Minnesotan Dr. Michael Osterholm presents some sobering and unfiltered facts about the Covid 19 pandemic, where it is headed and the realities of returning to normalcy, mainly in the context of the Church. 

Osterholm says that right now, “We are living on virus time, not human time” and details the medical reality of a prolonged fight with this formidable disease. Amid the somber details, one remark that stood out for me was that Dr. Osterholm doesn’t like the term “social distancing”. He much prefers to call it “physical distancing” because, he says, we cannot allow ourselves to minimize the need for us all to continue socialization. 

To that end, I encourage you to register for and attend the West Metro Mission Area (WMMA) Gathering this Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to noon. It is yet another opportunity to engage with our Bishop-Elect Craig Loya, and a chance to hear a bit about the other churches that share the West Metro Area with us.

During one segment of the gathering, each church will have up to five minutes to tell attendees about its own faith community, using a single PowerPoint slide. It’s the ultimate brevity challenge, if you ask me, to brag about your church in five minutes or less. But Nancy Dyson and I will give it a shot and I want to share it with you now, as a preview of Saturday’s event.

We want the rest of the WMMA to know that we are committed to the baptismal ministry of all persons and our ministry model, the Shared Ministry Cohort, is based on that idea. We want them to see that we value each of the components of our ministry model as separate but equal accountabilities, allowing all members an opportunity to be active participants. And we want to stress that we are a missional church, stressing our public commitment to the underserved homeless community around us. Here is our slide –

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It will be interesting and informative to learn what our partner churches’ stories will tell us, and what Bishop-Elect Loya will share with us. Circling back, I feel certain that the WMMA conversation will get around to Dr. Osterholm’s message for all churches. You may be seeing a link to that message elsewhere, but I am including it here (thanks to Louise Muggli & David Wall), along with the link to register for Saturday morning’s WMMA Gathering on (what else?) Zoom –

ELCA/Dr. Osterholm Message.

Register for Saturday morning’s WMMA Zoom Gathering.

Have a Blessed Week!
Deacon George

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