From Deacon Tom …


My message this week will be short. I’m finishing up my final paper in my final class prior to ordination to the priesthood in June or July or …

A group of us met online and talked with the bishop-elect last Thursday to discuss what ordination will look like. It will most certainly not be what any of us envisioned.

It will probably not occur on June 30th, though 1 or 2 might happen that day.

It will not include all the ordinands together in one space.

It will surely not be allowed to include more than about 10 to 15 people total.

Bishop Elect Loya is aware of all that is missing in these ceremonies and is planning and hoping that once we are all able to be back together we can all celebrate properly, including not just ordinations and consecrations but all the major events we have missed. Births, deaths, marriages, anniversaries, graduations …  these major events are starting to add up. 

A neighbor friend of ours posted her online commissioning as a 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Army this last week. This occurred in her home with her commanding office on the computer administering the oath of office virtually. I never thought I would see that. Congratulations Ellie! I heard someone say that when  we have a vaccine and everyone is inoculated it will be time to have a grand celebration. 

I have a zoom meeting with the bishop elect in a couple of weeks to flesh out a few things. I will keep you updated. Until then remember to pray for each other and the needs of the church.


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