Leadership and Staff

St John’s Episcopal Church is led by members of the congregation, clergy and staff.  Subject to the canons (rules) of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota and the guidance and assistance of the Bishop for Minnesota, the church is administered by a Vestry, or council, elected by the congregation and with two “Wardens” who serve as the church’s executives and who are also elected by the congregation. We currently have two ordained Deacons who are members of the congregation and assist with worship and pastoral care. Our worship services are celebrated by a revolving team of priests who each bring their own enriching insights and perspectives.  Staff include our parish secretary and organist/accompanist.


The Rev. Priscilla Gray    blackbear68@jetup.net

The Rev. George Ham    gham47@comcast.net



Jill Fox, Senior Warden  jillf@charter.net

Ivan Schumann, Jr Warden pineroad8391@hotmail.com 


Parish Secretary

Peg Murphy       office@stjohns-episcopalchurch.org 

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