New web site

The new web site is up and running.  It will be a bit thin on content for a while, we are still deciding what goes where and how much.  If you have any thoughts, suggestions, questions, or complaints please send them to the office and Peg will forward them to me.

There are three groups that we will try to serve.

  1. the current congregation
  2. other Episcopalians in the Saint Cloud area
  3. new people that may be looking for a church or just want to know what we are about.

We will keep you up to date on worship schedules, upcoming events, and general news or the parish.

Thank you,

Assistance needed

ALTAR GUILD asks for assistance after this Sunday’s service to remove the Christmas tree and other greens.

Church of the Week

 In thanksgiving from the Junior Warden: 

From December 15th through December 18th St John’s Episcopal Church was able to host Place of Hope’s Church of the week.  During that time we housed 18 to 20 residents overnight.  Because of this congregation’s generosity in cash donations food gifts we were also able to feed them an evening snack along with breakfast bags the next morning as they were needed. Our volunteers collected and prepared the food and our volunteers staffed each overnight.

To those of you who donated funds and food thank you. And to those who gave their time and effort thank you also. We would not be able to participate in the community in this way without the support we received.  Please continue to support the residents who use the various shelters provided through Church of the Week by lifting them up in your daily prayers.

Always,         Alexis