News Sept. 3

The weekly newsletter has been posted.
E-News 2015-08-27

Previous issues are also in the Newsletter directory.

News August 13th

The weekly newsletter has been posted.
E-News 2015-08-13

Previous issues are also in the Newsletter directory.

The sod has been cut for the community garden.  Soil amendments is the next step.  The news has a full report.

News 2015-07-23

The weekly newsletter has been posted.  Check for it by clicking on the directory link at Newsletter.  Previous issues are there also.

You will want to read the report from the Community Garden team.  If you have experience with building deer proof fences or soil amendments this would be a great volunteer opportunity.


As you may have noticed the website has been a bit inactive lately.   Up to now it has been a solo act and I have had time constraints.

The good news is that George Ham and Alexis Roy will be taking care of some of the content and Robert Sikes will be working with me to deal with the technical stuff.  If you have questions, suggestions, or want to help contact one of us.

The original goal was to rework the website and get it working.  Now we need to expand on that beginning.  To start, the newsletters are now in an online directory of their own.  This will allow you to read the current one and previous issues without having to dig through older emails.   Click on ‘Newsletter’ under Local Links.

One of the areas we need to expand is coverage of the various Ministry and Mission activities that are occurring.  We can create a specific page or pages for the subject.  The pages can contain text, photographs, drawings, and links to other related sites.  The participants can also create posts, like this one,  to inform everyone on what is happening or will be happening.

News 2015-04-09

Weekly News

United Thank Offering in-gathering is this Sunday.

Office hours are now Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00 – 3:00.