From Deacon George …


A Quiet Celebration and a Call to Action

Yesterday was a grand day for St. John’s Church as, for the first time in a very long time, we watched in a strange new way as one of our own was ordained to the Priesthood. I am sure you will read elsewhere in this e-News about our friend Tom Roy’s ordination at St. Mark’s Cathedral, where our new Bishop laid his hands upon Tom and made him “a priest in Christs holy catholic Church.” (BCP p.526)

While attendance was limited because of current social restriction, we watched on our computers, tablets, even smartphones (did anybody see it on their Apple watch, I wonder?), but the solemnity, the significance, the commitment all came through as clear as the ringing of the bells atop that cathedral.

Bishop Loya’s sermon, directed appropriately to Tom, made it clear that he is stepping into a leadership role in the Church at a time in our history when the Church finds itself as perhaps the only place where real truth still exists, and where church leaders are and will be called to proclaim that truth not just to their congregations but to government officials, politicians and anyone else who refuses to admit the righteousness of equality across all humankind. 

So, from one who has been there, allow me say that Tom needs us – needs you – now. Don’t expect him to part the waters and lead us across. Through our own baptismal covenants, we are all ministers of God’s word, and it is incumbent upon us – all of us – to support Tom to the best of our own abilities. If, together, we build the boat, he will guide us across. 

Retaking The Hill

When we re-gather together again at our church building, whether it be outside or in the sanctuary, there will be a familiar sight for us to enjoy – The Hill. I suppose there is a checkered history about the hill behind our building, going back further than Kathryn or I do with this place, but right now, and for the last several years, a stalwart small group of parishioners has seemingly overcome nature itself to make The Hill more than just an attractive view. 

Kathryn, for one, has spent much of her recent ‘social distancing’ time alone atop the hill, beating back the monster thistle jungle, amidst which there still exists all of the plantings she and others have contributed to this spot. 

Having hauled a couple dozen sacks of mulch to this place in the last few weeks, I can attest to the transformation that continues to occur there. It is a quiet place and, if you are able to make the climb, there is a solid bench that provides a restful and contemplative view. Thank you, Kathryn.

A Touching Tribute to an Empty Church

To whomever was kind enough to recognize the emptiness in our hearts for our absence from each other by decorating our Red Doors with a summertime bouquet, please know that St. John’s Church is alive and well in this community, hearing God’s Word and doing God’s work. God bless us all!

Have a Blessed Week!
Deacon George

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