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Gardeners Generate Gratifying Growth

In case you haven’t stopped in or driven by the St. John’s building and grounds lately, here is some good news: our Community Gardeners have been hard at work cultivating, planting and tending some impressive plots containing a wide variety of what promises to be a gratifying crop of vegetables, herbs and flowers. The prominent location of our garden sends a message to us, our neighbors, and our city that St. John’s Church is alive and well in the midst of a continuing pandemic. 

St. John’s Community Garden is off to a great start the first week in July, 2020

A more subtle message, but no less important, is that being outdoors right now, embraced by the beauty and majesty of nature, and in a safe place away from the threat of contracting the COVID 19 virus, is a comforting and refreshing place to be. That message is being embraced by a multitude of folks around us. 

Have you shopped for seeds or starter plants, even landscape flowers and shrubs this spring and found the shelves near-empty, sold out of the most desirable materials? Have you noticed the extra care that your neighbors (and perhaps yourselves) have been giving to beautifying their own lawns and gardens? Are you taking time to enjoy the results of those efforts?

Instead of being sucked into the crowded bars and re-packed commercial airliners, where the virus will certainly prevail (case-in-point: The Pickled Loon in St. Cloud where over 80 new cases originated this week), what if we took to the parks and preserves, the trails and the public gardens where social distancing can easily be accomplished?  

What are you doing each day to get outside safely and connect with the changing of our Minnesota seasons and the glorious show that nature is presenting to us? As the “hands and feet of God,” we know that it is our role to do the work that God has intended for us, and that certainly includes being the best stewards of the natural splendor around us and, as God did on the seventh day, taking the time to be amazed at its splendor. It is God’s Kingdom and it is here for us – especially now – to help us through a horrible plague which we will overcome.

Because You Asked – Karen Olson Update

In last Thursday’s weekly message to ECMN clergy, Bishop Loya provided this update – 

And finally, I wanted to let you know that our beloved Missioner for Ministry, Karen Olson is recovering and in good spirits today after suffering a stroke and undergoing surgery to remove a blood clot earlier this week. Please keep her and her wife Darlene in your prayers. 

Stay Safe and Have a Blessed Week!
Deacon George

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