Our Sunday worship is at 10:00 a.m. and lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.

As a “liturgical” church we convey and engage our understanding and experience of God through practices and words that we repeat each week, and our worship has a similar flow to it each Sunday. On most Sundays worship follows the form of Eucharistic Prayer II from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, as enriched and refreshed by approved prayers and liturgical forms from the wider Anglican Communion.   

We believe that the Eucharistic table is God’s table, and not ours – therefore all are welcome to receive Communion. 

Worship is easy to follow and set out in a weekly Service Guide.

We sing hymns, both old and new.

Most people attend dressed casually.

Children are welcome and present throughout the service (although a nursery is also available). 

While we are serious about the thanksgiving, praise and reconciliation of our worship together, we try to not take ourselves too seriously.  In other words, we try to be authentic and relaxed while centered on a structure of worship which has guided the Western Church for over a millennium. 

Following worship on Sunday morning, we have a robust “coffee hour” (and once a month a potluck) where all are invited to linger and chat over snacks, coffee and other good things.


Worship and Music Resources

Book of Common Prayer

Book of Common Prayer online


Bible – Revised Standard Version online

The Lectionary Page
The  Lectionary Page lists the bible verses for each Sunday’s lessons.


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